And then you come closer

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alt: And then you come closer

You feel you know it, you recognize the features. You try look more carefully, ensure yourself. Yes that is it! You do one more step, and another. You come closer and closer. Suddenly, you freeze. It is… different, It is not what you thought before. You look at (more…)

Distorted view

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alt: Distorted view

People talking about objective, realistic view. View on life, things relationship. Oh man if it would be that easy. In my understanding there is no objective view. Each of us is individuum  seeing and feeling it environment differently. Based on information she/he received in past and builds his/her on understanding of the things. What is even more interesting (more…)

Server move

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alt: Server move

Yesterday I have moved my servers and their web site from hosting in USA in hosting in The Netherlands. I did this in attempt to improve performance for EU visitors. This is all connected to my reset start of my private company. I am expecting much more visitors from Europe after I am fully running my business. You may ask what it is (more…)

Stairs to Vanadis Lunden

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alt: Stairs to Vanadis Lunden

Today is so cold here. It is not really cold in sense of degrees, but it feels very very cold thanks to wind, dry air, no Sun. It feels like when I was in Sweden back in 2003. Therefore I went to my archive searching for an image which would express that good for me. (more…)