I wish I could

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I wish I could show you some new picture. I can not, because I didn’t spent any time on creating some. The reason, is the topic of today letter to you, dear reader. You may remember my writings about topics like, nothing has really sense, why should I bother, what is the point and similar. Well let us see.

I know, I know, you think: Richard again with his disillusion about life. And you maybe right, but as I wrote yesterday I thought, there must have been people with same thoughts before? Where are the books, articles they wrote about it? As you may noticed I have added some links to post from yesterday and I am searching further while reading what I have found so far. I wish I would found some wisdom and the be able to use it.

Back to the photography. I have not create any photographs because I have none which would express the feelings and thought I have at these days. Simple as that. What is however much more exciting (at least for me) I am not in the state “nothing has sense anymore”.

You may ask why, I did too, and that is why I am doing all those searches and readings. It is, however, not the most important question for me to ask now. What I really need to focus on is how to create images which express my feelings at the moment.

I have seen yesterday photographs from a photographers project. She was capturing empty spaces left by victims of #MH17. Very interesting idea, but the execution in my eyes was done totally wrong. She just took documentary images of sleeping room, offices, and other rooms and that is it. There is no any effect on that other then images from IKEA catalogue if you do not know whose rooms there were. That is certainly not the way I want to go.


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