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Yes all of them, happening now, including flight MH17 and especially reaction on it shows me only one. The human life has very little value. We may pay and play games to show gratitute, sadness or anger, but nothing serious happens.
All those things and actions planned (I guess very little will be done at the end) will punish only the people who has simple lives, no extra finances and absolutely no participation on this event other that living in country whose leaders are responsible. Those, however, will just go on as they doing for many years now. Don’t you feel like we are approaching point in 1848? When consequences of industrial revolutions on common people been so heavy that it resulted on creation of Communist’s manifest?

Humans are very strange self killing group of animals. On one hand they invent ways, ideas and things to help each other. On other hand, mostly different group takes advantage of those tools and enslave rest of the people. What a shame.

Seeing yesterday images from highways in The Netherlands when bodies of victims has been transferred. It was respectful, but I could feel hint of playing there, hints of pretending. I am sure that this is only thing which will be done. Not a real action will be taken which will effect those who are responsible.

Why? Because we all are like this, we all are self destructive animals. We may see world differently sitting in front of 42′ TV screens then those living in 25th square meters of 23rd floor apartment with parents and children in it. At the end we all have no influence as individuals.



  1. Iurie
    Fri, 25. July , 2014


    It’s like the economic system of a country – the more money you release, the lower the value of those money. The same goes for people on Earth – the more people, the lower the value of a single human life.
    It’s obvious we should not rely on different kinds of manifests or doctrines, because however good the doctrines might be, people will eventually discredit and pervert them.
    People are not strange, they’re just parasites, and their activity shows it plentifully. Instead of making slow plans for the farthest future, calculating all the negative impact of the technology on the environment for, at least, the following 100 years, they make plans for a faster financial income. They are just like a virus – the virus tends to breed and multiply until it eventually kills the host (unless the host is strong enough to fight and kill the virus), instead of living in symbiosis.

    As long as people look for leaders, scattered all over and manipulated by individuals, instead of acting like an entity, Alexander the Greats, Napoleons, Ginghis Khans, Hitlers, and other so called “elite” will fulfill their sick plans.
    Ignorance is a bliss?
    No! Sooner or later one may pay a big price for it!

  2. JPH
    Fri, 25. July , 2014

    I agree with pretty much everything Iurie said there. A parasite, a cancer, aptly describes mankind, and it’s short-sighted selfishness. Feeding and preying on everything that comes along it’s path, leaving behind only destruction.

    I too wrote an entry yesterday, sparked by an image the New York Times had, that I had re-tweeted earlier yesterday morning… and if I needed any more justification of just how flat out ugly man can be, that image just was a tipping point to me yesterday in wanting to write about it.

    It made me think of my nieces, two of which are the same age as the two poor young girls that are in that NYT image… that image, that scene that it depicts, just was so powerful, the people gathered around there, standing, sitting, staring, young and old, at an atrocity that was left so as to have the powers that be, actually do something about it… all was just very moving…

    Anyway, just had me thinking of the world my nieces and nephews are going to inherit. The older two of them are talking about what it is they want to do with their lives… and I honestly wonder if they, this life, this world, will be one that will accommodate them and their dreams, desires, wishes, hopes… and that their lives will not be one where they will get to grow and achieve those dreams, but instead be one of having to just deal with what is left them, with the state of how this life/world will be. Screw living – they’ll just have to deal with existing!

    That was the impetus to what I started writing yesterday, all dark, brooding… but, just writing, and let whatever come to me, flow from me, it turned out to actually be somewhat rather positive in outlook. Well, not for this life/world, as it will be, I am sure, the mess that it is going to be… but, from a look of perspective, big picture, life overall kind of way looking at it, was my ending upbeat demeanor referring to.

    I guess all we can do, is to not be as selfish as those who are destroying the world.

    • Iurie
      Fri, 25. July , 2014

      Selfishness, while indeed being a trouble, is not the greatest problem of the humanity from all the times, since selfishness is the act of ONLY keeping “objects” for use of one entity.
      It’s the greediness we have to fear more, because it has the selfishness at the base, plus the sick (oligophrenic) act of taking more and more from others.
      Greediness was and still is the cause of poverty, wars and sorrow on this poor blue sphere….

      • richo
        Sun, 27. July , 2014

        Excellently said Iurie. You may read this rather long article

        I almost stopped at the begging, but anyway went on and then it really become interesting.

        • Iurie
          Mon, 28. July , 2014

          It’s a cold war, and Putin started it. The russian intelligence services are infiltrated all over the world and have a lot of people recruted, including journalists. No wonder such articles are produced.
          Here is a video (in Russian, made by a Russian) to show Putin’s lies. Hopefully you will find someone who knows Russian to translate>

  3. Dave Beckerman
    Mon, 28. July , 2014

    I also don’t see much hope for the human race. Today is the anniversary of the first world war. What was called The Great War. What was said to be the last war. I guess not. What is fascinating is that we are such conflicted, such split, beings.

    We have gone to the moon. And we have dropped atom bombs. The nobel peace prize, was invented by the man who made a fortune with dynamite.

    The idea that mankind is some sort of rational animal – is itself an irrational idea. I don’t blame religion. I don’t blame manifestos. I simply blame the split nature of the human race. We needed this destructive element to survive in a brutal world. It once served us well. Now, with technology in our hands, our destructive element may just finish us off.


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