What can you do?

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Today morning I turn on my iPad to see what interesting I can find on twitter. I like that medium as I have choice to filter who I trust. French photographer Vincent Bonnefond @VBonnefond has shared link to video about National Geographic
photographer Cory Richards. Better then me talking about it, go and watch it yourself, it is only few minutes:

Did you like images showed there?
Did you like what and how he was talking about?
Is the life fun, for you?

I guess after few yes there may be no at the end. He found his way, to have life which is fun, for him. What can you do to have fun in your life, and you certainly now I do not mean non-stop party as fun in life.


  1. Iurie
    Thu, 10. July , 2014

    ‘ Took a moment and watched the film… What can I say?… Amazing!

    Compared to this guy, I lead a “poor” life…

  2. Iurie
    Thu, 10. July , 2014

    Frankly, I don’t know what can I do to have an interesting life… I’m confused, I’ve always been…

    Still searching…

    • Richard Vanek
      Thu, 10. July , 2014

      I think that mostly the problem is we live somebody’s else life not ours. The key is, I think, to live own life and still not become egoist. To have own way, but still be with others.
      Another think is (I believe) that usually we harvest. What I mean is we do not live to enjoy life to create something, we do things to harvest for our kids, for our banks for our needs. I hope life is something different.

      • Iurie
        Thu, 10. July , 2014

        Life is something different, indeed. The moment we can completely control what/where/when/how we live it, that moment we are free…


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