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Dear friend, now still morning and I have already done so many things. It feels right to drink tea outside and write few lines for you my friend. When I woke up today morning I had plan to “shoot some cows”. Oh, you do not know what I am referring to? I guess you missed those nice and calm photos from Jeff.

Image from Jeff

Image from Jeff

Once I was awake and realize that even time was right (around 7am) there was too much clouds for those Dutch morning light to peak through. My plan was to challenge Jeff with that soft light and deep shadows on the flat land of The Netherlands.
Well that didn’t happen today morning, same as my attempt to create new image in Jean Michel Berts way from last weekend. But who knows, I may succeed today with afternoon light.

Just few minutes ago, when I was walking our dog, I had quite nice thought. Thought about topic I wanted to write you about. Funny how this mind works, you sure you will remember it, so you do not note it down. You came back, make tea, prepare a tablet to write on. Take it out in the garden and then sitting here I have no idea what was it.

I remember this older gentleman walking his small dog. I met him many time in past, in recent time less as we moved to different part of village. Today morning I met hi again. Freshly shaved, new shirt, white wild hair, talking to his dog. We greet and he keep talking to his dog.
I have this idea (supposed to be question number three), he would be perfect guy for it. At least, that what I imagine. I never spoke with him, even not about the weather. We just greet and we walk our separate way. Isn’t it pity, but, maybe, I would discover something completely different and lose this feeling of hidden common thing between us.

Last note for today rambling: I wonder, you guys speaking English as your first language, would you mind how my writing sounds to you. I mean from point of proper English language. Are my sentences build correctly. Is, what I want to say, easy into your minds or do I sound like Borat. Thank you.


  1. JPH
    Sat, 14. June , 2014

    Oh, I just saw this latest entry of your’s, Richard… quite the surprise to see, thank you.

    You know, I was hoping my reply to your comment on my G+ versions of the cattle shots I shot wednesday, wasn’t lost in translation… where I was, very jokingly, saying to, oh so American like – “Bring it on” … that I was just saying that tongue in cheek, and not at all challenging you. Photography is organic, not something to use in a pissing contest of outdoing someone else. Which, typed words on a screen, one cannot fully at all get the manner in which something is said. So, know I was just saying that in a playful response. Let your photography flow, as it naturally does.

    And as for your English, I am certainly one of the last people to comment as it is my first language, and I butcher it constantly! :-) As I have said to you before, you being able to speak and communicate in my language, when I in no way could reciprocate in yours, or anybody else’s, only looks poorly on me, and highly on you. Very rarely do I have question of what it is you are trying to articulate… so, no worries from me, and am doing very well, in my book.

  2. Richard Vanek
    Sun, 15. June , 2014

    I was yesterday hunting for Dutch cows, you will see the story soon, I hope.
    About the language, I understand Jeff your answer, but I was asking fro little different point of view. I like to and I do write longer pieces of texts. My question was, you who read those rumbling of mine, can you say it flows fine or you need to re-read sentence to understand what I meant.


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