I have something for you

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alt: I have something for you

Image number four, in new series. As there were not really any huge reaction I am not going to write any fictive story here. Nobody reads them anyway. Oh yes I know Jeff, Iurie you do ;-) but if you like to know something more about this picture, just ask and I’ll tell you. (more…)

Limited editions redone

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alt: Limited editions redone

Some time ago I wrote article about limited editions in digital photography. Especially my view on artificially creating these editions and approach, inspired by Brooks Jensen. Today I have re-read it and now updated it. If you interested how I organized prints I create or if you are in general interested in topic of limited editions in digital photography, you may take a look.

How to keep things organized?

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alt: How to keep things organized?

It is all spread all around, not sure how to go about it. Do you have the same feeling. Once you start working on something, it feels like you all have it spread.

Here a note on paper. There is you favorite notebook. You like to try this new project management tool you heard a lot about, basecamp. You have emails all over. Some functionality of Google docs feels nice. Then you discover Evernote and all feels like, wow, finally.

However after you use it for two years or so and you have more then 2000 notes (small and huge) it starts failing on you. And that let you think. Wasn’t that paper and pen the best?

Well not really, you need to talk to people, you need to collect information and it is nice to see the progress. What would be the think to work on? Am I just too picky?


Many of you

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alt: Many of you

Yes, many of you trying to make best of your life. I did for many years so called heuristic approach. This for me meant what felt right I did what felt not I didn’t. That depends somehow n your moral and  (more…)


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alt: Dreaming

When the things are not clear, when reality is blurred, when time is slow and mind slower you dream. In that special moment you the lightest being on the planet, you just cloud floating in the air. Nobody can (more…)

I hate you!

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alt: I hate you!

You never know when thing change radically. One moment all seems to be fine and in blink of an eye, different expression on the face, colder air and all what was before is gone. You try to search for it, you try (more…)

Leave me alone!

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alt: Leave me alone!

This is first of the new series of images I am currently working on. Even some of them has been captured some time ago, I am bringing them now with fresh view to the shape. Shape I like to express that early teenage (more…)

Trouble with the social media

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alt: Trouble with the social media

My friend Dave Beckerman has describe his experience and view on use of social media for the artist. I know he invests a huge amount of time to do many experiments. He is in more the one million G+ circles, but still…

If you interested what Dave has to say, please visit his blog and read his article entitled My Time in Social Media

Videos updated

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alt: Videos updated

While I was doing some updates in his blog, I have found that many video I use to have here, are either lost or some other way invalidated. Therefore I have updated few of them:


What can you do?

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alt: What can you do?

Today morning I turn on my iPad to see what interesting I can find on twitter. I like that medium as I have choice to filter who I trust. French photographer Vincent Bonnefond @VBonnefond has shared link to video about National Geographic (more…)