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Somehow I can’t stop writing today. Reading as well. Did I mentioned earlier what book I am reading these days? I didn’t, did I? It is book written by Russian writer Людмила Евгеньевна Улицкая (Lyudmila Ulitskaya) under the title Зеленый шатер (Green Tent). This time it is not e-book, but paper version, as I was not able to find it in electronic forms. I couldn’t find her books at all, at first. Then I went to book stores in Slovakia and nothing again. Only on our trip back from Slovakia, when we made stop, I found it. Big, rather expensive, so I was not sure, should I or shouldn’t I.Old Friends

I did, and men, how happy I am now I did. This is great book. I guess not for everybody, but for me it is great as it reminds me a lot from my childhood. It is also that kind of book where you need to stop once a while and think.

One such a place I encounter only few minutes ago, while reading following passage. I hope author doesn’t mind and I hope you can survive my English translation of Slovak text originally from Russian written book.

 “Friendship, is not based on nature, doesn’t have any goal and completely lies in search for soulmate, because we like to share our experiences, thoughts, feelings to sacrifice oneself for the friend. For this happiness, friendship needs to be fed by time of your unique life. For example by going for walk to Rozdestvenskij boulevard, going for a beer, even you like to drink something else. Go to birthday party of friend’s grandmother, read the same books, listen to the same music. That all, for creating of a small, closed and kind space, where jokes are understood from hints, exchange of views is done by looks and interaction between friends is so intimate that you can’t have it with person of opposite sex. With exception of some rare cases.”


  1. Richard Vanek
    Mon, 24. November , 2014

    I always wondered why nobody react to this post. Friendship is in my view one of the best thing human being is able to do.

  2. JPH
    Tue, 25. November , 2014

    Well, for me, being one who has been alone for the majority of my life, it is lack of being able to relate to any of it. Friendship has a been a few and far between thing with me my whole life. I could count on on hand the number of friends I have had in my life, and I would have to go back many years until I last had one.

    I in absolutely no way in the slightest, say the preceding with the tiniest intention as a sob story… just am stating it plainly, that is all. Reason for it all being just life, circumstances, and even of my doing… so am no way saying it to generate sympathy, and would even spurn such sentiment.

    I do believe, Richard, that if we were closer in proximity, that we would most likely be good friends. Ones who would enjoy and revel in each others creativity, and have many a good, respectful, enlightening discussion, on subjects we both share interest in, as well as those we may not see eye to eye on.

    • Richard Vanek
      Thu, 27. November , 2014

      Jeff, you may be right, and I wish you are, but nothing really stops us from being more active even over the distance.

    • Richard Vanek
      Thu, 27. November , 2014

      The best thing to test this sort of remote friendship would be to work on one thing together and see how we can handle situations when we need to cooperate and we not necessarily having same view.

  3. andrej
    Thu, 20. September , 2018

    nahodou som sa sem dostal z “Môžeme si vybrať čo nás kontroluje” a zacital som sa. Knizka vyzera byt velmi zaujimava, takze som si ju nasiel (po tych styroch rokoch od vydania uz sa da najst aj ebook), tak ti ju posielam.
    Este raz vdaka za tip,

    • richo
      Fri, 21. September , 2018

      Vďaka. Musím povedať že po tom čase si nie veľmi spomínam. Vďaka sa ebook. Možno si ju prečítal ešte raz.


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