Many options

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Once you in the forest you have many options to choose from. Many directions to go. There never is only one way and never only one destination. In this photograph i liked to express that feeling of light and dark passages on our way. There should never be feeling of lost or confusion. I am sure that in moment you feel lost, only thing one need is to lie in grass, take time and the feeling for direction will come.

This is much easier to understand once you experience same. If you still confused in the middle of a forest you more certain of confusion that of possible direction. At the end, forest is not only something to get out of, it is also place of possibilities and journey. The destination on its own is nothing, the journey is the real thing.

In our lives we always go after the destinations and once we there we feel lost. Let us enjoy the journey, feeling lost or not, let us look around and see how beautiful the forest is.


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