Autumn fruit

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Over the weekend I wrote few twitter posts. Those short text were sort of internal dialog with myself. It all went about publishing new photograph by Sunday. Shortly it didn’t happen. Why? Well, I could go here to write many reasons and excuses, but I will not. Instead I am presenting you this Monday image.

Many of former visitors to this web site or to has enjoyed when I wrote little text with each image. There is none with this one. Would that be indication that I joined countless members of photo dissemination group on internet? Perhaps, we shall see…

autumn fruit


  1. JPH
    Mon, 18. November , 2013

    What is it you are shooting with these days, Richard? Have you ever picked up the D800 yet?

    • richo
      Mon, 18. November , 2013

      Jeff, I have not make any proper photographs in quite a while. Can’t get inspiration and time. I have set little plan to better handle my time and hopefully it will have some results.

      I haven’t purchase any new camera yet. I do not believe it can help me in above mentioned problem. I may do that once I see need for it. However it is always nice to get new toy, but let change me first and if I have need to for it later…


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