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We spoke with Peter how political parties doing things the voter doesn’t like. We had also a bit of discussion, what can be changed in that. I mean I am not a person who discuss politics every evening or at every beer. I am however irritated by how things go. Also my life was and still is steered by the consequences of political decisions. Therefore here is first what we do not like. You may look at following image for illustration of the following explanation.

We have political Party A,B and C. They all have list of topics they promised to be solved by them if they go to the power of steering the country. Voter look at it and choose the one which has majority of the topics he likes to be solve on the list. We do not believe very much in persons anymore so we do not tend to choose based on the person who lead the country or similar. In our example we decide to vote for Party A. What will happen unfortunately is that Party A will not have get majority of the votes and therefore it will be necessary to create coalition with some other parties. The decision will come for whatever reason on Party C to join Party A in leading the country. Any coalition of course needs to make compromises and therefore the final list of topics will contain more things we do not like then what was on the list of original party.


Result is that political party to which you gave your vote is doing things you never what them to do and which they even were not on the list of their topic before election. They change and it is not only under the influence of results to join with Party C, it is possibly result of political, and financial interest as well as rather often private interests of the people in those political parties at the power.

So we asked ourselves how to make this better system. Peter come with the information that 97% people in The Netherlands they do have Internet. Why not to create system where people could express what they want. What is the topics, issues they would like that government will solve. After such a list exists people will be hired who will make plan how to solve top 10 issues.

This way we may stop with political parties at all and create national government company which will present a project how to solve top 10 issue people of the country like to be solved. They will run for 4-5 years a country based on that plan and possible top ten issue and project can be adjusted every year slightly. Company will pay salaries to people who like to run this project and the profit will be profit of the country.

I am in no case political expert, more the opposite, but I certainly would like to hear from you what you think about this idea and how you think it can be improved and what its risks are. Thank you for that in advance.


  1. JPH
    Wed, 30. October , 2013

    How was, and is, your life steered by political decisions?

    As for the idea, I think that it is good in theory, but naive in not being well thought out.

    Of course, I am speaking from an American cynical perspective from this country’s own dysfunctional and embarrassing politics… and from one not familiar with, sounds like the Netherlands has a parliamentary system, no? So, this all can be taken as thoughts from a stupid, ignorant “American”. Who also, abhors politics and too start from discussing them, as to not rile up blood pressures and division. I am proudly not affiliated with any political party/club in America.

    The reason I say it sounds naive in it possibly not working, is – sure, it’s easy to come up and list the problems that need to be addressed and fixed, it’s the whole implementation of fixing them being where the rub lies.

    As, for every idea and solution offered up on how to correct and right a problem, a second, or third, or more, of ideas will also be put up by others as the way that it should be done, or not done. And in the same square of who and which to back to get it done.

    So, would just be in the same situation of gridlock, except now with different players, that just aren’t under a “government” heading or name, but now this private/public company like format. Doesn’t solve anything.

    Again though, I am a stupid, ignorant “American”, not familiar with your country’s ways… as well as, perhaps misunderstanding your idea presented.

    • richo
      Mon, 18. November , 2013

      Jeff, I know this idea is naive, all my life is naive. Everybody is naive if they still think that politics are here to make our live better. It seems, whole world is run these days by money. It is in politics as well. Why not to create company who would run the country and we all will be stack holder and members of the board?

  2. JPH
    Wed, 30. October , 2013

    “Who also, abhors politics and too start stray from discussing them…”

    I meant ‘stray’, not ‘start’

  3. Iurie
    Thu, 31. October , 2013

    I’ve got a radical view upon this issue – Abolish parties!

    Human nature is so that every time they gather in groups, their herd instinct starts to function, and one filthy but profitable idea spreads like an airborne disease. These groups tend to become mafias in miniature, following their own interests.
    I now refer about political parties in my country. But people are people everywhere and the only difference between a person in a developed country and a developing one is that the regulations and laws in a developed country bound them more effectively. People are still animals, and [rules/laws and justice] are their leash. The better the [rules/laws and justice] the better the people are.
    Yet those in parties still tend to break the rules/laws and disregard justice, because they feel relatively safe and protected within their Pack of Wolves. And so, by abolishing parties the problem of the Hungry Pack of Wolves is solved.
    Historically, all the electoral systems based on political criteria have laid a favorable climate to protect the interests of certain business groups. In fact, most parties have been created or acquired by business to protect their interests.
    On the other hand, the government system based on direct representation of each community brings more transparency and collaboration between people and government.

    In my opinion….
    The best political system is that where each community (city/village) is represented equally in the parliament, meaning no parties, common problems are solved in common, differences are settled in committees. In such way, if the representatives of a certain community would try to get some advantages, others would notify and object.
    At the same time people of every community would have a certain person to blame or praise for his results.

    Thank you!
    (this is the topic of my electoral campaign (champagne?) for Netherlands ;) )

    • richo
      Mon, 18. November , 2013

      Iurie, that is almost what I was proposing. Your view is still in the old democratic way. What you write it should be like that now, but it isn’t. Good point you made, is to dissolve the political parties and have direct representation/vote for geographical region.
      I would actually even go further in my proposal those representation would be employed by this region, by the people. They could be controlled, fired and payed by people. He/She will work for the by representing their views in countries decisions.

  4. richo
    Fri, 1. November , 2013

    Guys, sorry not to react earlier and actually I will not respond now I only like to tell you that I have read all our great comments. Today is Friday and I need to finish some work here. Once I am done with it I’ll come back here.

    Thank you for your patience.


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