Why I love dotdotdot

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I like nice and clean design. When I visit web sites, which could have interesting content, but it is full of popups, images with arrogant colours I most likely turn around. If that happens on my mobile whew Safari is running I press the Reader button and read on clean white background. If the article is really nice I send this pre-processed clean text to Evernote for the next time I need to look at it.

I was looking for something like the Reader option of Safari browser on my web page. I am using Mr.Reader RSS reading app on my iPad, which offers similar nice functionality. It allows you to process any link from RSS through Instapaper, Readability or Pocket. I love that feature, only I can’t store it if I like.

Some time ago I have seen link to something called dotdotdot on twitter. It has been rather some month even maybe year ago. I went there and become part of before release user/tester.

What had strike me was the great typography and clean design. There si many ways how you can get you text, link in it. What you get back is something like it would be printed on paper in nicely designed clean magazine.

Well let’s take a look at one example. This was the page I was reading and I found the fonts the layout difficult to perceive.

Original Page

And this was how I could read it in the dotdotdot. There are many other nice features of dotdotdot like storing of your text, sharing with other people. Also reading and following other people read material is nice. But frankly, If I should take suggestions about reading from somebody else I need to know and trust the person first. That is for another story.

You can use dotdotdot to read you eBooks as well as any other texts you send to it. It actualy could be great system to control whole ebook tablet!
Same page in dotdotdot

It is a real pleasure to read text process by dotdotdot, both, from aesthetic and usability point of view. Try it if you like to read, but you do not want to be clattered by anything else on web page. If you find interesting texts I may even follow your reading ;-)

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