Search for a good keyboard

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It happen many times. I tried to learn to type on keyboard with all ten fingers. I never succeeded and ended always in first row. You may know, those ASDF & JKL; keys. This time, I hope it will be different. Every day for passed week I do exercises every day. All this led to realizing how terrible is my keyboard.

So I have started to search for new one, which is better suited to ten fingers typing. I had no idea what properties such a keyboard should have. I knew I quite liked to type on notebooks wioth theit low profile keyboards. My typing of course was with maximal four fingers. Anyway I though maybe this is the way for me. I visited uncle Google and he suggested to take a look at Logitech K750. So I went to MediaMarkt, which is one of the few places where once can try, without be disturbed, few models. What was my suprise when I realize I do not like it at all. Not only feel when typing (almost all interviews where very positive on this part), but also how the shiny, and first nice surface got dirty and ugly in shop.

Second choice, based on search was Logitech K350. I have read some reviews and discussions. As it seems this keyboard is produced for some years now. While searching local internet shops I realize, that it may be on its way out of production. I found some discounts and out of stock warnings. I have order one and when it arrived it has this terrible layout. Layout I do not understand. According to some people, I have talked about it, this has changed in last year or so. On the line where shift keys are from left side I always expect longer shift and on the right side from it key for letter Z. Now all Logitech keyboard in The Netherlands are delivered with extra key between Shift and Z keys. it is “|\” key combination also often found about the “Enter” key. I had this on my Apple wireless keyboard and I hate it so much, I had to return it. I always hit that |\ key instead of the Shift key. I have find out that longer shift key is call US (International) layout and short is UK layout. In The Netherlands official is US International layout, therefore I do not understand this latest change.

Search for a good keyboard

This finding about Logitech also closed door for my second keyboard I would by. This would be for my iPad. Logitech just recently introduced ultra thin keyboard cover. I liked the idea so much, but they wrong keyboard layout is show stopper for me. I also read two biggest complains about this product. One is that magnet doesn’t hold much about sliding the cover out of the iPad. The other is that keyboard is causing scratches on iPad. So I have decided that I am going to use further my Microsoft Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard 6000, which looks like 5000. As stand I ordered aluminium light but steady Yarvik YAC300 Tablet Stand Eazle.

Before I decided to go this way with my iPad I also shortly consider Kensington line of folios and keyboards with stands or folios. The KeyFolio™ Expert Multi Angle Folio & Keyboard has good keys layout. I decided to not buy it after I saw in shop ho dirty it can get vene with 10 minutes working in shop after opening brand new pack. It just attracted all dust which was there and feels not very stable. So that was it for iPad keyboard and stand.

Search for a good keyboard

Let us return to search for the optimal touch typist keyboard. I was so sad that Wave K350 from Logitech had this stupid layout. After I looked at my Microsoft 6000 I realize that it has the right layout and I went to shop. I was searching for Microsoft keyboard with similar properties as the Wave keyboards from Logitech. I think I found one, for week now I am using the Microsoft Comfort Curve Keyboard 3000. It costs very little and I m happy with it. Nice build simple, smaller that K350 from Logitech.

Last think is that today discover the Dvorak layout. I am going to try to rearrange my keys by popping them out some day. If I kill the keyboard, well I will be happy to buy new one.

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