What is the red stamp of?

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Today Jeff asked me about the red stamp, which you can see on the top of my site now and as well on many images on this site. Especially those in portfolio section. Those of you who bought print from me can see this stamp on the print itself.

richo's stampSo what is it, you may ask as Jeff did. On my first visit in Japan back in 2007 I have received this stamp from my students as thanks for the training I was delivering there. This stamp, as far as I understood it, is hand made containing my name in Japanese and is registered in town hall at Shinagawa office in Tokyo as kind of mine signature. I received the certificate from the town hall together with this stamp.

From that time I have decided to use it as my signature on my prints. That way every print having this stamp is marked as original print made by me. I do not use it on prints I let made somewhere else or by somebody else. Only the photographs I made with my hands have it.

I like the deep red color of this stamp and also the fact that is so unique. And after recet change in design of this site I placed it on the front page.


  1. JPH
    Tue, 12. June , 2012

    Cool, Richard! A wonderful gift to you, and something of special value and meaning, that is neat!

    You’ll have to place a full size (or larger, I don’t know the size of it) image of it here in the post, so it’s design and detail can be better seen, than the small size that we can only see now… I think you had it at on time in your first linked ‘Related posts’ above (which is totally cool, by the way!), but the image is no longer linked properly and is a question mark.

    • richo
      Tue, 12. June , 2012

      Jeff, I noticed that right away and fixed in next 30 seconds ;-) Yes I am still happy about this stamp, it i one of the best gift I ever received.

      • Iurie
        Mon, 6. August , 2012

        And also useful :-)


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