New hosting

Posted by on May 9, 2012 in Short notes | 2 Comments

It seems all is working fine. I have moved over the weekend my site to other provider of VPS services. Now this system is running in Xen based VPS. In case you find some problems with links or images not showing as it should please drop me a comment here

This move was not only to change provider, but also moved this side to use multi site version of WordPress as I am planning to lunch some more web sites and this way it will be easier to handle them.


  1. JPH
    Wed, 9. May , 2012

    Interested to see what your other websites will entail!

  2. admin
    Sun, 13. May , 2012

    It will take a while I guess, but I am planning to introduce some really specific pages as well as page for my wife.


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