A Time Line

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Today I have seen very inspiring movie. It let me think about how we perceive the time. Our path and future. Many theories and views exists and I guess mine is not very original. I like to share it with you in this very short letter to you, my friend.
I was thinking a lot what it could means that there are possibly many parallel way and even universes. Every person experience it’s own path and future. She, he has their own vies and feels personal consequences of own decisions. He creates own view of what is what and who is who. This way each of us creates his own sequence of events and perceive own universe. I believe that we can see each of this private views as parallel time line.

You certainly knew from your own experience that same events and same observations creates different view in every person. Even discussion of two people based on event they both participated on is than recorded In their own minds often differently. Those are I believe those parallel universes as we know two people can only very rarely share it completely. And even if we believe we do it is lastly pure fiction.


  1. JPH
    Tue, 1. May , 2012

    What was the movie, Richard?

    A part of me has believed and felt this for many years now – that whichever choice and direction we make and take in this current life/world that we only choose to be currently aware of, on some other level, a part of us chooses, makes and takes the other choice, and is right now living that result. All now.

    A book you might find good and interesting, is the other Richard that I have oft in the past mentioned and quoted – Richard Bach, and his novel ‘One’. In it, he explores multiple realities, allegorically and symbolically by, him being a pilot, him flying, and his multiple lives being represented by these patterns underneath an endless sea, where if, he touches down his plane and lands upon them, he is able to see and be a part of those alternate representations of himself.

    • richo
      Tue, 1. May , 2012

      Movie was “Source code 2011”. Thank you for the book tip Jeff.


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