Going to Prison

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Editing this image yesterday night was kind of pleasant after having day alone. I wonder at the end how should I call this image. The cage like building on left side reminds me bird cage, what a matter of fact is a prison. The two persons on the right are approaching it, my feel is, that is not completely voluntarily.

You free to create your own story about it if you feel like you have too, or just let that image look at you. I know from screen and small picture it is totally different story than it could be on your own wall with deep black disturbing clouds. Watching this from your chair, drinking cup of tea, yes, it would be different experience. It would last longer than half a second, which has passed before you even reach this paragraph and now you are few clicks away, few site further.

Walking to a Prison


  1. richo
    Wed, 11. April , 2012

    And I though this would be noticed by somebody…

  2. Iurie
    Tue, 17. April , 2012

    Hi Richard!
    Sorry, very busy, some things changed and I was short of time.
    But here I am…
    The person on the left has his hands joined at the back – this could bring two different thoughts:
    1. Handcuffs – giving up the hope, getting ready to be fenced
    2. Carelessness – relaxed yet full of confidence – he walks beside the prison with a mixed feeling of freedom, gratitude and pride.
    Also I don’t know how you managed to do it, but the persons look like painted with aquarelle. Nice!
    In fact I think this is the kind of image that gives birth to different feelings, depending on the viewer’s mood.

    All the best!

  3. richo
    Thu, 19. April , 2012

    Iurie, thanks for the great comment. Yes you absolutely right, it is always different story for different person and that is nice. My goal is that thinking is involved and emotions are created. In which direction they go is free :-)
    And how did I create that effect of painted like silhouette? You know my shaving gel and painting on it with my finger and small brush, also the light and lens is quite important. I have promised write about it to Paul, I forgot, going to do it right now.


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