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After having some busier days,  I have second half of today free. I have plans to work on some new images and maybe to create some new with crazy lights. You may notice I have become rather active on twitter. I like twitter very much as it is short and therefore most of the time to the point. Nice how you can reach many people. In previous evening I invested some time to discover new tools, which can help me work better with twitter.

  • I like to share some of them with you. The one which amazed me the most is Twylah. What it does is analyzing your tweets and based on link, images, key and more  it does create wonderful, web page presenting your tweets in way you can not do better yourself take a look at my twylah page.
  • Buffer app is another one where you can put your tweets and it will distribute them in time. In this way your tweets are not grouped next to each other. basic buffer for free has 10 positions free and you can decide how many of them will be posted per day. They are of course posted under your twitter name. In case you like to have more create your account using this link
  • If you like to plan your tweets more in future with possible recurrent tweeting of the same message, you may take a look at Gremln. It does work with LinkedIn, Facebook and some more social media sites. It can also watch RSS and tweet any changes it finds there.
  • One very nice specific for tweeting changes based on RSS feeds is twitterfeed. Take a look at video on their blog, it will make many things about setting it up clear right a way.


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