Curve me Up

Posted by on Dec 4, 2011 in Photos | 2 Comments

In these grey days of early winter I have some kind of Sunday melancholic mood. To proves that I am posting image I may did post earlier this year, but I made a little make over on it based on my feelings today.

Curve me up


  1. Iurie Sadovnic
    Mon, 5. December , 2011

    Hi Richard!
    Where do you find all these places? :)

    P.S. Keep on looking! ;)

  2. richo
    Tue, 6. December , 2011

    Finding this one was kind of interesting. It was day before last of my stay in Buenos Aires. I was walking down the part of the city further from my hotel. Part I have never been whole week before this day. And it was rather pity as it was, for me, the most interesting one.

    Walking down the streets, looking into interesting windows and walking in nice small shops. At the certain moment it was just too many. Shops and streets are different than in Europe, but after two hours of walking you have enough and all seems same anyway. But in one certain instance I passed the wooden high and narrow door. I have manage to see beginning of curvy stairs in that narrow part of door opening. Somebody was walking behind me so after I pass some ten meters or so, I have stopped in front of the shop window.
    Than slowly went back towards that old wooden doors.
    I have entered small corridor, as you see it on the photographs above this comment. I took few shots and then try to follow the stairs, but as rather some houses there first floor was very damaged and I could see sky through it and through another two floors above it.

    I felt a bit uncertain what should I do. I took few more images and than I have heard some talk and shouting from above. Sounds very much reminding me crashing of a glass on the floor. When I heard somebody rushing down the stairs I left towards the street. The person was man and he smashed the door after himself and they stayed closed so I couldn’t go back in there anymore.


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