fotomoto is not what it used to be

Posted by on Nov 26, 2011 in Letters | 5 Comments

It is now rather few years I was using fotomoto for selling my images. Those few years ago when I had problem and I wrote email to fotomoto i get reaction in less than hour. Eventually any problem was solved in few days. They created special JavaScript only for me, explained a lot things i missed. I wrote about them few times. I also wrote review on print quality from fotomoto.

Well few days ago I was tryin to setup new site where I planned to use fotomoto for producing and reseling postcards based on my photographs. I have selected and bough wonderful template theme for new site and installed fotomoto plugin. As expected there were some problems, but I counted on super support from fotomoto.

Not this time! Initial reaction was swift as before, but after few emails no solution and for last four days no answer, no reaction. It is sad, when good things die. RIP fotomoto.