Winter Postcards

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Almost every day I am walking through the corridor in which images from my Remembering Childhood project are hanging on the wall. It is now already few years. I think it is enough. Let take it down! Hey, let’s wait! What should I put there instead? I would love to place my Serene Mind set there, but those images are often misunderstood and not appreciated.

I have decided that I will print few images of my wonderful winter landscapes and place it there into those huge 60×50 frames. You know winter is slowly coming and I am also preparing set of images for postcards. My plan is to rise some money by the end of this year. Some to be able to rent a atelier at least for few month. So if you like to help, you mas as well buy your winter and Christmas postcards from me. Do not worry I will let you know when is the time. Before that enjoy one of my favorite images:

Winter Space


  1. JPH
    Mon, 10. October , 2011

    What’s an atelier?

    • richo
      Mon, 10. October , 2011

      Atelier, I think originally French word. it does mean studio, place where you work. I meant place where I can finally start creating my portraits and photo scenes.

  2. JPH
    Tue, 11. October , 2011

    Cool, Richard!

  3. Iurie Sadovnic
    Fri, 28. October , 2011

    This morning I took my daughter to the kindergarten and, while she was complaining about the place, I was thinking of how nice it is to be a kid, and how wonderful childhood is…
    And now I’m watching your “Remembering Childhood” project…
    These photos brought me warm memories from my grandparents house in the village…
    I’m sad…

    • richo
      Sat, 29. October , 2011

      Don’t be sad Iurie, all is in our hands.


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