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It was back in 2009, when Dave Beckerman started the experiment how web site owners could help each other with increasing of theirs web sites visibility. I have joined that effort by writing post entitled Proposal for increasing of Alexa rating. As you can see at that point Alexa rating of my web was bellow 1.2 milion.

The bigger the number the worse position. Half year later position of this web site went one million position up and culminate with rating (position) 287260 !!! Now we are more than year later and my pages sunk at position lower than four millions! Shocking, don’t you think? You may read some more detail in post WordPress makes this site runnig.

Well that what happen when you do not pay attention and when group of people who  visited my web site were not using Alexa toolbar anymore. I know playing with all those rating is trouble some, but on other hand it also rewarding. Look at the following two graphs. Both are showing human visitors visiting at least 3 pages in one session. First one is for July 2010 second for July 2011. In first Alexa rating was around 300000 in second one above four millions.

three and more pages in session July 2010


three and more pages in session July 2011

In July 2010 it was in average twenty visitors per day who visited at least three pages in one session. One year later The average drop to five. That is four time less!

Taking my IT background and history into account I have to say it does interests me quite a lot how you can influence behavior of visitors (you in this case) while they spending their seconds on pages I have created. There are many tools how one can not only get these information, but mainly tools how one can influence visitors behavior.

One of them is this Alexa toolbar. It is rather simple and smart way of monitoring who visit what. Original Dave’s idea was that whoever like to increase chance that more people will see his web site,  photography or other will install Alexa toolbar and visit the other photographers website often. This way not only this web site has chance to get more visibility but also your own one. The only thin you need to do after you install the Alexa toolbar is to leave comment here with web site URL in it so the other visitors can do the same for you.

Should we try again and see how it goes? If you try this experiment you can install Alexa toolbar in your browser, and write comment to mention your web page so I and other visitors here can visit your web pages as well.

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  1. richo
    Wed, 12. October , 2011

    Even nobody responded here yet, as it seems it is already working a bit. Rating of this side is now more than 300000 points better. Now at 3.750.000 :-)
    Jeff, what about you, do you want to play the game?


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