Not to be boring

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To avoid that you get completely board by landscape images, here is one a bit non standard. This time in (more…)

Winter is closing

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Again one week of time of and again in Germany. Even more quiet place than usually. This time close to French and Switzerland boarders. For you to feel the calm of this place, (more…)

Game over

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alt: Game over

Today in the middle of the nigh I have for you only this simple image and one question to trigger your fantasy and emotions: Tell me what do you see? (more…)

iPad, eBooks and another pleasures

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alt: iPad, eBooks and another pleasures

My Dear friend, it has been some time I wrote you about my search for perfect pdf reader as well as followed article where I was disillusioned by eBooks borders. Now almost half year later and many purchases from amazon Kindle  and The Domino Project I like to come to this topic again and tell you about (more…)

Too hot for shoes

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alt: Too hot for shoes

The wonderful weather strikes these days most of the Europe. I have found one image from two years ago, which reminds me how do I feel today. It was just too hot for shoes, (more…)

A Way out

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alt: A Way out

Each of us will want to get out one day. We will want to find the way out. And I believe it is good. Change is good in general, especially one we choose to do ourselves. It keeps us in focus, keeps us interested. Stagnation is ill. When I relax by lying on the bed watching the sealing, it is all one flat surface, mostly boring. I know you need that (more…)

Winter Postcards

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alt: Winter Postcards

New update: If you like to express your view on winter postcards please join discussion/question at my facebook page 

Almost every day I am walking through the corridor in which images from my Remembering Childhood project are hanging on the wall. It is now already few years. I think it is enough. Let take it down! Hey, let’s wait! What should I put there instead? I would love to place my Serene Mind set there, but those images are often misunderstood and not appreciated. (more…)

Alexa, please come back!

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alt: Alexa, please come back!

It was back in 2009, when Dave Beckerman started the experiment how web site owners could help each other with increasing of theirs web sites visibility. I have joined that effort by writing post entitled Proposal for increasing of Alexa rating. As you can see at that point Alexa rating of my web was bellow 1.2 milion. (more…)

Jump over

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alt: Jump over

Somehow this week I am pulled back to look at all the images I have made in Portugal. This one is from the first day of our visit. At certain moment I’d catch Ema in the air. (more…)

Burning Sun

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alt: Burning Sun

Visual Emotion, you can imagine many things behind such a title. One direct could be something like photo in this post. (more…)