Mystik is back!

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alt: Mystik is back!

Yes my friends! It did happened. Today after few days of absence I look back to my twitter and notice that Jeremias Kazinsky is again publishing his series of shorts stories entitled “Dialogs with Mystic”. Of course many of you do not master the art of Slovak language and only what I can tell you is you are missing a lot. (more…)

Dark morning and other funny things

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What is funny? Dark Morning? Not really. I wanted to write far more, seriously far more than this single line. But, who knows, maybe I will. But the question is will you come back to read it? (more…)

Bridges of Porto

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alt: Bridges of Porto

Early morning on one of the bridges of the Porto in Portugal. Looking into the morning Sun. I want to go back !


Tree in Portugal

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alt: Tree in Portugal

Feels like it was while ago when we were in Portugal. When I was there I process all images from my camera in RAW on iPad through camera connection kit. I have used NIK Software Snapseed iPad application to (more…)

Bloody fourteen years.

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I am not sure if it is because of the first of The September or some other more mystical influence, but I wanted to tell you that is about fourteen years I am keeping my web pages and this blog online. It is very very long time. I must say I have changed it few times and I am not talking about (more…)