The Lost

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I may change the Lost title, but for now it is the best I could come with this morning and yesterday evening. Some of the images from this set you have seen before. I only feel that they deserve little more attention. I am not only going to put them in this post but also as main set into the portfolio section.

So take this as some kind of preview. I will still work on them and may add or remove one or two. These images I have created more than year ago when working for a cover of a poem book . This book was in mean time published, with other image, but that is another story.

The reason why I am coming back to them is very simple. I like them very much and I think they are what I wanted to do many years ago. I know there is not many of you coming these days to watch this web site, but especially therefore I like to hear your opinion, you stayed with me!

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