Technical trigger

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Yesterday I have bought a book. A Book, which I was reading and looking into for few days already, always when I was passing that book store. It is a book about Exposure in photography. The Book is written by Michael Freeman entitled The Photographer’s exposure field guide. Inside of this book is so many things, which all of us use for many years without thinking. I was paging through and it were not only good example images, but also the text, what always brought me back to it.

More and more I was reading from it more and more I have got that special feeling, which I always had when I started using new camera or lens. Some kind of trigger to force me play more with all those technical possibilities of a new toy. Now I have only book which talks about it. In any case I took my camera outside yesterday evening and with those thoughts in mind and those feelings in my heart I went out to make some photographs.

Isn’t that funny, how even talk about certain things can trigger you creatively. Now, Saturday morning I am full of idea about certain shot. I hope I will manage to make it. It is not photograph you find, it is a image you need to create, you need people light and mood for it.

So keep your fingers crossed, thanks.


  1. JPH
    Sat, 13. August , 2011

    Wish you all the best with it, Richard! Happy shooting!

    • richo
      Sat, 13. August , 2011

      Jeff, unfortunately it didn’t went completely as I wished. I will work on it probably later as we are almost busy with packing.

  2. Iurie
    Tue, 3. April , 2012

    Fingers crossed :)


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