Time and its perception

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I am just now reading article in The New Yorker about David Eagleman and Mysteries of the Brain

Somehow, I often feel in these days that many things falling into the place. Reading this article reminds me many of my (more…)

What was it? Oh I see!

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alt: What was it? Oh I see!

It is a spring around here and that means new power. Everything is growing and getting greener and nicer. That cerainly bring some more energy to me as well, even last two weeks drain a lot of it out. I think you noticed it by lack of my writings here. (more…)

Adore Noir Magazine

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alt: Adore Noir Magazine

From today, you can purchase Adore Noir, wonderful Black & White Fine Art Photography Magazine. You will find in it 96 pages of articles, featured photographers and interesting thoughts and interviews.

In this premier issue of quarterly publish pdf magazine optimized for viewing on your portable and desktop computers, you can also read interview with me as one of the featured photographers. Take little preview.

I truly believe that the enthusiasm of Chris Kovacs, editor of Adore Noir, will bring many more wonderful issues of this new magazine.