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I knew about DropBox for a while now, but I never really feel comfortable with storing my files on somebody’s else computer. You may tell all about security and protection, but I am (was) always a bit paranoid about these things. It has probably something to do with my many years of IT background.

I really do not know what brought me back to try it again. Oh way I know! I needed to send some pdf documents to my friend, so we can see it later together on his iPad. That was the easiest way, I have created the DropBox and shared with him one folder where I placed that 25MB huge pdf file. He just open it with DropBox on iPad and loaded to the GoodReader.

Since than I am slowly consumed by comfortableness of this tool. It turns out ot be extremely handy when moving data around between many computers I work every day, even using the free account with 2GB of  space. Now I can easily backup my configuration files, screen shots, share snippets of information and download the things from internet only once and share it between my notebook, PC and iPhone using DropBox.

It is so handy that I completely forgot about my paranoia. What really got me in was that you can un-delete files, share them with people and even, thing I have not testes yet, have multiple version of the same file and recall the previous.

Imagine that you working on image and you like to continue working on it, some place else, just drop it in box and pick it up with other computer on the other side of country. No need to take anything with you.

The perfect integration into the Win7 files system doesn’t require for you any special action to take. It is just normal folder, which you can use in normal way opening files from it saving and similar. Completely transparently it will sync from it, into online storage and back to all your other computers where your dropbox account is logged in.

If you got inspired and you like to try DropBox for yourself, you can create your account following this link and you will give me  250MB extra as the person who refer you to DropBox, for which I thank you  very much. Account is free and it will give you 2GB of storage, Enjoy.


  1. JPH
    Mon, 21. March , 2011

    Too funny.

    Well not only is this kind of thing a current thing, thought from me in sending that image file to you yesterday, it also had been something I had been wanting for being able to like sync my desktop Mac with my laptop Mac, for the sole purpose of photo, and website editing. When I do the majority of things on my desktop, having those updated files on my laptop so as to be able to work on and edit on the fly.

    Right now, I have been using a flash drive, but all that does is create yet another file and location – on my desktop, on the flash drive, on the laptop… if I work on one version, on either three, it still leaves two of the others not updated… just gets annoying trying to work on something, and find the apparatus I may be using, doesn’t have the latest version of what I was working on.

    I have heard of DropBox… so it will do that? Let’s say, I work on a photo, or my website, on my desktop, and those files – back it up, or whatever to DropBox, and I go to my laptop and connect to it, it will automatically sync the files found on there, with the files I have on my laptop, and if they have been changed, then automatically update the files that have been changed down to my laptop? If that is the case, then you had me sold before I started typing!!!! :-)

    • richo
      Thu, 24. March , 2011

      Yes jeff it does exactly that. It does updates on background immediately. Works nice. Free account 2gb limit. If you use the link on my post to register you will give me 250mb more, I think.


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