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I was aproach by Chris Kovacs with his request to feature me together with other five photographers for his new black and white magazine Adore Noir. First issue is due in few days (1st April). Find our more:

Hello Photographers, Gallerists and Collectors.Welcome and thank you for your interest in Adore Noir Magazine. We will bring you the finest black and white photography from both noted and emerging artists around the world.

We are publishing quarterly, each issue will feature the works and Q&A interviews of six photographers.  We look forward to bringing you the most intriguing works by passionate artists who share a common bond for the love of fine art photography.

This issue focuses on six photographers with six very unique styles.

We open with Dominic Rouse. This English born artist began his career as a press photographer and gradually followed his artistic passion to produce the images we see today. His pictures are like visual poems that haunt the psyche with their possible meanings.  His stylistic masterpieces are produced on toned silver gelatin prints from digitally composed, large-format negatives.

Scott Speck hails from Pennsylvania. He began photographing seriously in 2006. He has a passion for photographing virtually

anything using a Zero image 2000 pinhole camera. The results are surrealistic works of art where we are left feeling very small within the grandeur that surrounds us.

Published in Adore Noir

Richard Vanek was born in Czechoslovakia and moved to the Netherlands with his family during his early 30s.  His photographs are like visual emotions. We recognize our own childhood memories, dreams and love through his photographs.
Patrick Gonzales is based in Dijon, France. His work captures worlds in alternate realities. His images are intentionally untitled to encourage the viewer to incorporate their own imaginations into the work.Steve Gosling is from North Yorkshire, UK and he captures beautiful land and seascapes using a pinhole camera. The results are surreal images which take us to another place in time.Carolyn Hampton is a Los Angeles based photographer who delves into the surreal mind with her unique portraits. She invites the viewer into a world where possibility is endless, where else can we see stars when in fact we are looking at crumbling walls.

Our mission is simple:

To provide a stage for photo artists around the world to showcase their work. To gather information from prominent figures in the art world. To provide inspiration to both collectors and photographers.

We are proud to announce that Adore Noir will be entirely digital. Our high quality files can be read on the iPad, iphone, Mac and PC with Acrobat 7 or greater.

We currently have an open call for submissions. Please visit and find the details on our submissions page.


Chris Kovacs
Adore Noir

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  1. JPH
    Tue, 22. March , 2011

    Cool, Richard! Good for you! That’s got to feel good, for their inaugural magazine, for you to be one of the Photographers showcased in it! Congratulations! I have the site bookmarked and will look forward to it’s release come the first of the month.


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