Mystery in Louvre

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I like mysterious things. Mystery brings tension excitement. What I like is sort of intelligent mystery, the one which triggers you to think to discover. Not the one based on fear or brutality.Following image was captured while walking in exposition rooms of Louvre museum. Walking through the Egyptian part, thinking about all those times back then about we know so little about. Times which are cover in mystery for us. Remembering what all I have read about The Pyramids, Tutankhamen. Books I was not reading but almost consuming.

Now walking in easy tempo, head full of these thoughts I look left out of the window and see this:


  1. JPH
    Thu, 17. March , 2011


    Have you ever posted a color photo on your main site before? :-)


  2. richo
    Thu, 17. March , 2011

    Yes I did Jeff, many times. Click on tag link color in right top corner of this post and you will get all color images currently categorized.


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