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With this short notice I would like to invite you to visit new web site of Jeffrey Paul Howard called nicely An Amateur Photographer. Jeff is internet friend of mine for couple of years and I envy his strong drive to keep in photography.

His images surprise me often with fresh ideas and different view then one is use to. Here are two my favorite, but do not stop here and visit his site where you can see new images every day!

An Amateur Photographer An Amateur Photographer



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  1. JPH
    Tue, 15. March , 2011

    Ah, now your email makes sense! :-)

    Thank you, Richard for the link… though honestly, I also have reservations with it, as my website is still not fully complete, and the most, kind visitors of yours, who choose to take a look at mine will find, are just links that say “Coming Soon!”

    To those fellow followers of Richard’s wonderful work and insight, who may stop by my site – thank you, and if you see an image or two from the only work I have currently posted, from my Photo A Day assignment, that might pique your interest in my work, please by all means stop back by at a later date, when I am done with the creation of the website, and then fully free to pursue and work on what the site is all about – photography!

    Thank you again, Richard.
    All the best and happy shooting!


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