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Last few days I was in search for good way to read PDF books I have acquired. These are books with complex layout, graphs and text in multiple fonts. In case of such books re-flowing of pdf can not help with readability on small device as iPhone as many features of the original text and layout will be lost.

Two things pop-ups in my mind, Apple iPad and ebook reader.

First I saw ebook reader is the right option. So I went with my book in pdf format and tried the currently fastest e-ink ebook reader BeBook Neo. Terrible experience, slow, small screen (6″), unresponsive interface (this was really terrible), required to use pen for moving screen around. I have really expected much more from those rather expensive devices. With a 6″ display and low resolution it was not possible to read anything on screen even in landscape mode.

I had only very short time to play with iPad (I will have more time Wednesday), but it was pleasure to browse through pages with fingers, nice contrast and resolution and screen size made my page good readable. Little disadvantage I felt was the weight of the device. I will report more at Wednesday. What I have found as a drawback is the price which is rather high if I like to use the iPad only for pdf book reading and playing of instruction movies.

You may ask why only that, it is simple I already have iPhone and iPad is just too big to carry around. In any case more in two days.

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