Complete Pillow set

Posted by on Mar 4, 2011 in Photos | 4 Comments

While ago I was posting images called by Jeff the pillow set. In this post I am summarizing them all, so you can have it on one page.

Not sure what you write you more, but as I have promised here are the images. I had heavy week and hopefully I can catch up with certain tasks. I wish you all good weekend.


  1. JPH
    Sat, 5. March , 2011

    Out of the series, I would have to say, that I like the middle two (Dreaming On The Edge and Couple) the best, and in that order.

    Also, Richard, I had to refresh the page to get out of the lightbox viewing of the photos… clicking outside the photos would not close them.

    I hope you have a good weekend too.

    • richo
      Sat, 5. March , 2011

      Jeff, thanks for leaving a note. Problem you mentioned about not working with clicking is older. I am trying figure out for over two month what is it, no luck so far.
      Easy solution is to use ESC key same like you can navigate using arrow keys. I will try to solve the issue.
      How do you perceive performance of the web?

  2. JPH
    Mon, 7. March , 2011

    It does seem a wee bit perkier, click on a page and it is just all there – boom! without any apparent loading of anything.

    Honestly, I never really thought your site was ever at all slow loading in the first place. I guess maybe the only times I may have ever noticed, was when loading like the above mentioned Lightbox to see photos… but even then, it was the typical loading speed that I have always encountered with Lightbox on any other site. Clicking now on your photos above though, they do pop up smoother and quicker with hardly any loading time, so I guess the new setup is showing it’s colors.

  3. richo
    Tue, 8. March , 2011

    I am glad to hear that Jeff. I must say I feel little uncertain as all responsibility about the server is on me now. I was advice to use shared hosting, the good one I have found, but the restriction of that kind of hosting can be bothersome.
    Only future will show if this was a good step.


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