Next steps in web hosting

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Following few lines are about web hosting and my experience. Actually only small note on current progress. That means if you expecting photography talk, feel free to skip to some more photography oriented writings I have done.

Last few days I am setting up new VPS hosted web site. It is non-managed, which means I have to do all the installation and configuration myself. I have done that years ago . Having that background it give me interesting view on how things has changed in last ten years or so. I also learning many new things, only problem is that I like to make this nicely run, secure and faaaast. Yes that what is it all about. I like to have web site which process my php scripts quickly and gave response to browser in fraction of second. Well, I would be happy if it would be under 1.5 sec ;-)

What irritates me is fact that sometimes things happen on that server I have no idea why and what. It happens few times when my ssh was disconnected (over net, session runs in computer) or web was hanging and ends on timeout from browser. No clue why.

I will probably switch to that hosting some day  this week to see how it perform under real load. Now it is only me browsing there and few robots and monitors. I am planning to do also some load testing as my friend M. suggested. I already set some parameters in MySQL, PHP and apache to improve performance.

Here for your amusement graph from last 24 hours of pure http page load. It means no CSS, JS or any images are loaded. rv is my current hosting with hostgo and n-eu is the new VPS hosting.

Next steps in web hosting

This next image is more realistic measurement, which shows time, which it takes to render visually complete web page as it is seen by user with browser. That means it shows time inclusive time for loading css, js, and running js and loading images, until the full page is completely rendered on the screen of the web page visitor.

Image is comparing my current hosting and my new new VPS and loading the same page.

Next steps in web hosting

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