Something in the corner

Posted by on Feb 14, 2011 in Photos | 2 Comments

It is not under your bed anymore, it is not right next to you. Seems like all is fine but, now, yes now you have notice, there is something in the corner…

Something in the corner


  1. JPH
    Mon, 14. February , 2011

    This – pillow – series (sorry, I don’t know what you are officially calling it), the images, the look you have gone with, has really been beautiful, Richard. Subtle, subdued, elegant, soft, natural, just overall, very aesthetically pleasing. Good job on them!

  2. richo
    Wed, 16. February , 2011

    Thanks a lot Jeff. I must say I am surprised that you like it so. It was really few minutes job. Now I published next one, wondering what you think about that one.


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