Next steps in web hosting

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alt: Next steps in web hosting

Following few lines are about web hosting and my experience. Actually only small note on current progress. That means if you expecting photography talk, feel free to skip to some more photography oriented writings I have done.

Last few days I am setting up new VPS hosted web site. It is non-managed, which means (more…)

Next quake or web performance

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alt: Next quake or web performance

Web performance is it all. This is just  short note about next quake of this web site. It is going to move in following 24 hours to another place. There, I hope, will not be much disturbance. But in case you notice anything, (more…)

Earth Quaking

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alt: Earth Quaking

Don’t you worry not really, at least not yours and not mine. You may notice the delay in last few days. I was away (again), this time in Prague. That is not the reason really. Reason is, and those who are here often they notice, moving this web up and down over the  internet. (more…)


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Every each of us has different personality. I never had idea to compare them to he pillow, but today is the special day and in such a days everything is possible. So here we have a special personality of the… (more…)

Something in the corner

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alt: Something in the corner

It is not under your bed anymore, it is not right next to you. Seems like all is fine but, now, yes now you have notice, there is something (more…)

Somewhere there

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alt: Somewhere there

When you wake up and you do remember that you have not to fall a sleep alone. Your hand start searching somewhere there where the warm hand or feet could be found. It is like a game. Game of half asleep mind and (more…)

Couple beter than Single

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alt: Couple beter than Single

Maybe it is not clear to everyone all the time, but not being alone is always a good thing. I didn’t agree with that myself for very long time, but as you become older you realize it (more…)

Dreaming on the edge

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alt: Dreaming on the edge

This week is rather exhausting and my dreams, if any, are on the edge. Night sleep very short and next day in full speed. Many things going on. Here is another image from the pillow series, (more…)

Published in fstopmagazine

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alt: Published in fstopmagazine

Two of my images where today published in latest issue #45 of fstopmagazine. Whole issue is about Abstract photography. I like very much the images of (more…)