Burning Sun

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Last week we have spent in relaxing winter landscape. I made few images to share with you, as a good doctor a small piece a time. Today is a first one and few more will come later. Enjoy and share your thoughts (more…)

More about the Road

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alt: More about the Road

I was trying to work on that Last year’s leaves picture in the lightroom 3 quite a while, but I am just not able to get better results I did in pwp (Picture Window Pro). I do not blame lightroom for it, but my lack of experience with LR3 I do. Somehow I was hoping LR3 has pressure sensitivity when making masks. To me it feels it doesn’t have (more…)

Road 2011

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alt: Road 2011

Dear friend, I am happy I can wish you all the best in the 2011. As you know no road is straight, but there is always road to follow our path and reach our destination. Let us have a good journey in this new year and let us enjoy it. We shall not look only into (more…)