Lost in…

Posted by on Jan 28, 2011 in Photos | 4 Comments

Our mind, no! Our self, is too calculative and cagey when we are adults. Remember how did you feel as a small child lost in playground? In certain moment, there was nobody around, only distant sounds from far away. Suddenly you felt fragile and scared.

Lost in...


  1. JPH
    Fri, 28. January , 2011

    Good job, Richard, cool image… deep, dark recesses of the mind, nightmarish quality to it.

  2. richo
    Sun, 30. January , 2011

    Glad you like it. It is image I made while ago. I miss that kind of inspiration nowadays.

  3. JPH
    Tue, 18. November , 2014

    Okay, now my mind is just frightening me… Here was another very cool image of yours that apparently must have gotten by me somehow in the past, and had never seen… Um, nope… I even commented on it. My mind is failing me.

    Anyway… it is probably one of the most creative images I have seen from you… very neat!


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