Parking Place

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Not every time is the black and white better. This image must be in color. I am advocate of black and white photography and most of the time, at least in my sort of images, black and white gave you space to imagine. Not everything is defined and you have freedom to build your own image in your mind. Here the structure meets the colors and without it, it feels less.

Parking Place

If you wonder why Parking place, well I noticed that parking lots which are in Buenos Aires on open space are cover by blue or green blankest to lower the amount of sun falling into the cars.

BTW: I have re-upload images from my earlier post, based on Jeff selection of my 33 images. They seems to be gone, but not anymore.

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  1. JPH
    Thu, 27. January , 2011

    Hey there, Richard –

    It must be a two edge sword – one, you get to travel all the time to all these places… And two, it takes you away from your family… so on one hand, a potentially cool and neat thing to get to do often… on the other, it taking you away from the family… and you possibly not having time, while you are at these places, to fully go out and explore and shoot.

    Yesterday, I altered my hours at my day job, to allow me more free time during the day time hours to be able to go out and shoot… and also, lessening my hours from working from nine to ten hours a day there, to just eight or nine. Moving forward, more important to me is pursuing that which makes me happy and what I want to be a part of my life more… and that, being my photography again. I’m currently in the early stages and baby steps of getting there, and have a lot of work to go… but, am so glad and happy to be on the path! :-)

    Wishing you all the best, happy shooting, and safe travels!

    PS: Yeah, sometimes color is good :-)


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