Curve me up

Posted by on Jan 26, 2011 in Photos | 2 Comments

Last week I have spent in Buenos Aires in Argentina. I had some time for my self and so I went to discover a city a bit. Take following images more like touristic ones. I was not planning to make any artistic attempt with them.

This first one is from part of city called Monserrat. I was walking there in my last day of stay. It was pity, because I found this part the most interesting one. Streets full of small shops and some antic and gallery places. Cafes on corners and not much traffic. I was fascinated already with hall and entrees to the houses some days before. At the begging of my stay I saw all of them in nice shape and very nice. This one was just opposite of them.

Curve me up


  1. Jacco de Kraker
    Tue, 8. February , 2011

    I like this one, Richo. Reminds me of your “earlier work”. It’s different from most of your newer work. (I don’t mean to say that I don’t like that, by the way…)

    I find it often hard to see in my own posted photos, and as it seems now: so easy to comment on in photos of others, but… I wonder how it would look like if it was a bit brighter. It looks just a fraction too dull for me.

  2. richo
    Wed, 9. February , 2011

    Jacco, by dull you mean dark? Because I understand dull as low contrast, which I thin it is certainly not.
    Lighther, well try yourself, make your monitor brighter or save the image and play with it. I am curious what you will come up with.


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