Sunny but Cold

Posted by on Jan 13, 2011 in Photos | 2 Comments

Another image from my latest winter freeze series ;-) This time attempt to capture atmosphere I had when being there some days ago. It was quick cold even you been in full sun. After doing some sport steam was coming from whole your body. On this image I have feeling that even the tree is steaming out.

About Eight years ago I made image named Frozen Sunrise in Stockholm where water was vaporizing due to fact that its temperature was more than 25C warmer that air above it.

Sunny but Cold


  1. Victor Curto
    Thu, 13. January , 2011

    I see you start the year at a high level, as always. A
    picture with a great atmosphere, and impeccably crafted. Of course,
    you have my vote for Photoblog Awards this year. A pleasure to
    follow your work!!

  2. richo
    Fri, 14. January , 2011

    Victor, thank you very much!


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