I woke up in the night

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What to say? I don’t know, maybe you do? Do you wake up in the middle of the night without (more…)

Lost in…

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alt: Lost in…

Our mind, no! Our self, is too calculative and cagey when we are adults. Remember how did you feel as a small child lost in playground? In certain moment, there was nobody around, only distant sounds from far away. Suddenly (more…)

Parking Place

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alt: Parking Place

Not every time is the black and white better. This image must be in color. I am advocate of black and white photography and most of the time, at least in my sort of images, black and white gave you space to imagine. Not everything is defined and you have freedom to build your own image in (more…)

Curve me up

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alt: Curve me up

Last week I have spent in Buenos Aires in Argentina. I had some time for my self and so I went to discover a city a bit. Take following images more like touristic ones. I was not planning to make any artistic attempt with them. (more…)

Complete set of winter images

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Here all the images from previous days in one set. This was my attempt to share with you the winter experience I had some days ago while visiting Germany and enjoying holiday there. I would be curious to hear from you if you happen to feel it similar way I did or if you like to share your emotions with me.

Moonlight Path

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alt: Moonlight Path

Final is the Night image, lit by moon. When I was younger I was crazy to astronomy. Almost every night I was walking to observatory in our town to view planets, galaxies, nebula and more. It was even nicer in winter. As a side effect was I was walking back home in freezing air and rather late night. Path was going around cemetery (where else ;-) and through a little of the forest. (more…)

Winter Rockets

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One more low view, this time through the frozen and dry rest of the vegetation (more…)


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alt: Freezing

I hope you are not Freezing. I hope you in your warm home. I remember time when I was hiking with my father and I was so tired that I have sit in snow. Well, if you do this as I did in temperature bellow -20C you need to start walking rather quickly. I always did, so I have not frozen, but (more…)

Sunny but Cold

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alt: Sunny but Cold

Another image from my latest winter freeze series ;-) This time attempt to capture atmosphere I had when being there some days ago. It was quick cold even you been in full sun. After doing some sport steam was coming from whole your body. On this image I have feeling that even the tree is steaming (more…)

A Winter Space

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alt: A Winter Space

Another winter landscape photograph in black and white. Years ago I always thought what a crazy idea to make landscape images in b&w. You can’t see deep green colors or beauty of red colored leaves in autumn. That is still the truth, but I seems to enjoy it for other kind of purpose. Feelings! I still believe that black and white (more…)