Last year’s leaves – take two

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Well dear Dirk, the reason to play with this image was that, as you, I already liked the first version, but I still was curious if I can get something better. Especially now when I try to use new tools. Tools like my new Wacom table and lightroom 3. So purely as exercise and learning target.

I have spent today only few moments, still using Lightroom 2, and here is a result. I am not satisfied and hopefully I will make something better. At this second take I was more or less trying to get same result using new tool. Unfortunately there is no pressure sensitivity for Wacom tables in this old version of lightroom, but I have learn to use brush for local adjustment. For many it can be basic, long known, knowladge, but for me, person who is using for over eight years completely different software it was nice lecture.

Lecture first a bit disappointing, later felt like discovery and even later it get a bit exciting. Hopefully LR3 will provide more joy and options. I will see. Anyway I have plan to go taking some images tomorrow morning if there will be sunny time. I have not that that for quite while and even forecast is for rather chilly weather I am looking forward to it.

And of course here is the image from today:

Last year’s leaves - take two


  1. Dirk
    Sat, 18. December , 2010

    Yes, not so great. The front leaves and the surrounding areas don’t look right…

  2. JPH
    Sun, 19. December , 2010

    Yeah, I agree, Richard, this is no better than the original, which I really liked.

    It’s like you’re trying to bring out the leaves more to make them stand out, and be the centerpiece of the image, when they already were in the first place… here with your usual masking and burning of certain parts of an image, you take them out of their context, alone… where, it was them, singled out by your framing and composition, selective depth of field, in their natural world and environment, that made it an image of captured, ethereal, floating beauty.

    But, I totally understand your revisiting old photos, playing around with them and experimenting, and certainly don’t question your doing so, I am in the process myself with the older images I am planning on putting up on the, long rumored, new site… I just think in this particular example, that it’s like make-up on an already naturally attractive woman – cheapen and lessens the beauty.

  3. richo
    Sun, 19. December , 2010

    ;-) Jeff, nice note about make-up. I like that.
    Weekend is over and as usually I had very little time to do what I have planned. And there was not that sharp sun I was hoping for Saturday morning so no new photos.
    Let see what take three will bring and I must say there was a reason why I have chosen this image. It is difficult to bring something new to it, it is a challenge even do what I have done in my old tools. And that is the reason…
    And yes I have forgot again ask my secretary to review my writing before I publish it, so please excuse my English.

  4. Christian Steven
    Tue, 21. December , 2010

    Beautiful Depth Of Field.


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