Zoo again

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Dear friend,

you may remember few of my posts here about visiting ZOO in Ueno, Japan with group of local photographers from Japan Realist Photographers Association (JRP). Originally, I was meeting my friend, who is member of this group. I expected to see some interesting place and have good time with my friend.

I was rather nicely surprised when all group invited me for a lunch and even more when they express interest about my photography. Once they have seen my gel blur filter and heard how I create image they invited me to submit one image for their small exhibition from this ZOO event.

Today I have received few image from the exposition. I was pleased to read in email from my friend about interest they express about the aproach I am using for my images.

Things like these are very important to me. It is very nice to hear that my images attract attention and people are curious about them. Wonderful!

I very much appreciate help of my friend Dirk in this matter and I would like to thank all members of the group for those few hours in Ueno and for allowing me to join. Thank you!


  1. JPH
    Thu, 2. December , 2010

    Cool, Richard! Good for you!

    • richo
      Thu, 2. December , 2010

      Thank you both.

  2. Paul
    Thu, 2. December , 2010

    Nice! Congratulations.


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