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The last day of the year, well time to take a few hours rest before walking further, right? Well than, feel free to take a rest at this (more…)

Mind Wonderland

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alt: Mind Wonderland

Isn’t it amazing when our mind takes its own direction and we feel not bother with body. We feel good and we see it all. We understand it all. Sometimes, I have these flashes of full comprehension after I (more…)

Merry Christmas postcard

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I wish you Merry Christmas (more…)

Emotion before Name

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Dear friend,

I hope that following few lines will be understandable. I was preparing this post for few days, it is one of the most important to me and as I still do not have any proof reader or assistant, you have to cope with my version of English language.

It has been while when I first time read about Taoism (more…)

Last year’s leaves – take two

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alt: Last year’s leaves – take two

Well dear Dirk, the reason to play with this image was that, as you, I already liked the first version, but I still was curious if I can get something better. Especially now when I try to use new tools. Tools like my new Wacom table and lightroom 3. So purely as exercise and learning target.

I have spent today only few moments, still using Lightroom 2, and here is a result (more…)

Last year’s leaves

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I am posting this image for the future reference. Planning to work on it using my new tablet (well old but for me new) and using some nice technique I am learning. Image itself was taken some time ago and some of you  may remember it. So watch for (more…)

On writing

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alt: On writing

For some time I am reading and enjoying the book On writing written by Stephen King. It is really interesting to imagine that he is writing about photographing and not about writing. It all perfectly fits. In so many (more…)

Concert versus Repetition

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Saturday we visited concert of classical music and I have discover another composer whos music I like. Bela Bartok, really lovely performance it was and today I am listening more from him and enjoying more and more. Somehow modern classical music from 1930-1940 seems to be (more…)

What is going on?

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Today I am not able to give you any image, well maybe, but let us see. Plans where different, but situation has changed immediately after my RAID storage system was effected by my attempt to move it to more powerful machine. I do not like to go to details, so I tell you (more…)

Christmas shopping

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No, don’t you worry my friend, I am not going to offer you any exclusive discounts and great deals here. I like to share with you my experience. Experience I have accumulated not only this years, but for many years of Internet shopping (more…)