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I always like those images with very narrow depth of sharpness. What was even nicer, and many times confusing, was that sharp area was not parallel with the surface if the image (negative, sensor). That gave a lot of time that feel of small word. Something you may remember from your childhood.

When as a small boy, I was playing with toys on the carpet and watching them from side, very very closely. From that position they seems to be big like a real things. Big cars, buildings, trees and so on. The only rare thing was that only very little was in focus as I was so close to them, lying on that carpet.

Following image reminds me that kind of view. Maybe it can bring some memories to you as well.

Houses down there


  1. Sanja
    Thu, 18. November , 2010

    Made me go on Google and search for the photos of my home town. I have a memory of almost exactly the same row of houses and I know precisely where. I found it on the Youtube :-) together with a song about my town.
    I looked at those images of shabby fa├žades and old red roofs for good 15 minutes…
    I didn’t know that the photos of somebody else’s houses and roofs can make me so sentimental.
    Or is it the age, like you said :-) ?

  2. richo
    Thu, 18. November , 2010

    Symbols, memories and something we felt strong about. It can come more stronger with age, but who knows, maybe we only realize it stronger when we are older.


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