View from the top

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alt: View from the top

I always like those images with very narrow depth of sharpness. What was even nicer, and many times confusing, was that sharp area was not parallel with the surface if the image (negative, sensor). That gave a lot of time that feel of small word. Something you may remember from your childhood. (more…)

Rainy night

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alt: Rainy night

It has been wet and drizzling rainy night. I was walking around in circles and trying to get around it. Around what has happen and what is going on. I am always sad when something like that happen, but I somehow can’t find way to (more…)

Change Mindset or WOW effect?

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Somehow I have found blog entry by Seth Godin entitled Driveby culture and the endless search for wow. As I was reading it, I wonder, when I will be able to write my thoughts as clean as this person. Clean and interesting article, you should read. To encourage you here is a short excerpt: (more…)