Where is a Time?

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Maybe it is happening due to my age and maybe due the my style of live. Who knows, but things are changing and they do that quite quickly. I was use to progressive changes, you know, those which you do not notice until you encounter something from your path which reminds you of it.

I am also having more often thoughts about that my time is limited. I mean, I knew that of course from early age, but it has been so far that I felt free to ignore it. There was so much time, in front of me, that I could spent it by doing nothing with my friend Jan. We never wanted to waste time, but we did so many things that often there was nothing left. We used to sit on small wall next to his house, our legs hanging down swinging.

Time, hm there is nothing like time, you know, right? Do you? It is all only on our mind, mostly thanks that we fill it with memories and plans. If we have not those we could just live happily without worrying about not having enough of it. Yes one can decide and live only in present, but for people from our society it is kind of impossible if you do not want to become isolated.

Where is a Time?

Isolation, what does it mean? Does it mean that you alone, like on isle? Or does it mean that you have time for your thoughts, for your creations and expressing what you feel? Isolation is feel it is not a status. One may feel isolated and in my understanding it is not a positive feel.

But you can be alone and enjoy it. Being alone feels positive in my mind. It is to be alone with your thoughts. Being able to forget about time or better say do not have a restriction which is marking, limiting your space. You do what you feel is important without that pressure that it has to be done in certain limits, that there is something else waiting for you, that you need to do the other thing. I believe that exactly this feel is what we call pressure of time. Something we translate into perception of not having enough time.

On other hand, once you creating something, like I do photographs, than is natural you like to share them with somebody. Not necessary in attempt to receive an opinion, but more from the basic need of sharing.  You can’t imagine how realizing this fact make me more free. When I realize this is the only need I have I feel easy to create more, to search and look for next. I am not under pressure of delivering the images for certain purpose limited by time.

All this writing is a bit of unfocused I feel, but frankly, I do not mind too much. I am not very good in it, but I like it. I like it as much as discussion with interesting people, like discovery of new thoughts, new minds. I always feel rather terrible and sad when opportunity for such a sharing is dismissed by primitive coincidences or circumstances. Unfortunately this happen and happen rather too often (let’s make image about this —).


  1. Sanja
    Wed, 17. November , 2010

    On time
    Some twenty years ago I read a book from Serbian writer who belonged, to some extent, to the epoch of beatniks (Kerouac and co.) I remember one paragraph so very well. Let me know what you think about it:
    “There is a language, I think it is called Mescalero, where the verbs never change their tense form. There is no past and no future tense. If we could learn this language, I think, we could maybe live longer.”

    On isolation
    I have learned that human beings have a basic need to be alone and to be surrounded by other people, to belong to a group. We need to be alone to consolidate our thoughts to return to our original “me” to recover from the noise of the being; to give ourselves a chance to think, retrospect, ponder about what we do, how we do, what would we like to do and what not; to think and notice the world around us with our own eyes, ears, nose, mouth, fingers, inner feelings.
    But we also need people around us – we are society animals, Aristotle said a long time ago. We need a crowd around us to interact with, check and put into perspective our thoughts, feelings and aspirations against other people’s thoughts, feelings and aspirations.
    Sitting alone in the room comes in alternance with seeing people: it is yin/yang with yin in the yang and yang in the yin.

  2. richo
    Wed, 17. November , 2010


    on time:
    I agree the way we express our self by language is in most part the way how we perceived the world around us. I believe if we think only in present tense we leave more full and longer, certainly in our subjective view and that is what matters.

    on isolation:
    How nicely you described it. Perfect thank you for your wonderful writing!


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