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I always wonder, what are or what could be the people who like my images so much that they would spend money for them. When I meet somebody I sometimes think if he or she would be that person who I like to be the buyer or better say owner of my artwork. I am sure that I am not alone in hope that people who own my work that they enjoy it and have it because they like it, not because some other rather not so romantic reasons.

It is very easy to divide people to poor and reach, but fact that one have money means nothing.

In last few days I met a man. Very interesting and very knowledgeable man. I was thinking how should I approach him with talk about my work. It was a person which would do me honor by owning some of my images. It even happen few days ago that looked through my last photo book, Jeff’s 33. He, sadly enough didn’t express any interest to talk with me more about my photographs.

As I do believe he has a taste and has overview and interest in art, there is only one reason why he act as he did. My work is low quality and no interest to him. Conclusion? I should do better!


  1. JPH
    Mon, 23. August , 2010

    Hm. Interesting. To each their own. Just goes to prove that art, is purely subjective.

    I would be curious as to see what his tastes were and what he would find interest in. Who/what was he, that you deemed him a man of note, and therefore, him being interested and/or purchasing your work, would be some sort of honor for you, and your work?

    • richo
      Thu, 26. August , 2010

      Jeff, I know rather little about him. I met him couple of times and had several discussions about politics, philosophy and art. He is highly educated men with style and taste. I have not discuss with him directly about his view on my work. I may try that tonight.

  2. Dirk
    Tue, 24. August , 2010

    It’s like getting married: there is a suitable partner out there for you, you just need to find them and it is not obvious who they are until you are married to them :)

    The opinion and amount of interest of someone about you & your work is not an indicator about you or your work’s quality.

    • richo
      Thu, 26. August , 2010

      I fully agree with you Dirk, but he is exactly that kind of person I would be happy to have between owners or appreciators of my work.

  3. dave beckerman
    Sat, 28. August , 2010

    No matter how good you are, unless you have a big stamp of approval from society’s gatekeepers, it’s very difficult to sell your own art.

    If you put on your website “President Obama just bought ten prints for the White House”; or “on permanent exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art” – you would sell more prints than you could handle. Therefore it follows, that it has very little to do with the art itself.

  4. richo
    Sun, 29. August , 2010

    Dave thanks to you I already have these advertisement texts on my site ;-) Let see how it goes with sale.


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