Pearls for Pigs

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My dear friend,
While traveling these days there is not much time for writing, but quite a lot for thinking.,

Yesterday I went to see a movie in cinema. I was, as probably a lot of you, huge fan of cinemas, when I was young. I love and still enjoy slowly fading light when movie starts. The partial, or complete lost of reality and dive into the story in the movie. I always hated all those popcorn & coke habits. I never liked breaks which tiered me out of movie dream into reality.,

Yesterday while watching long, 144 minutes story without a break I was completely in the movie story. It was amazing. Back home in NL, breaks and other disturbances always destroys that feeling of living in the story of the movie.,

I enjoyed the story of this particular movie. It presented quite a intellectual challenge and required attention to fully understand the story of different time levels.
When the movie ended mother of two sons sitting behind me had noted to them: “next time I do not want to watch such a shit”.

This let me think how different people perceive art creation of different level. And when certain piece is easy to consume without intellectual challenges it can easily become popular. If the message in the piece requires intellectual thinking and is even hidden or requires activity of the viewer to be discovered and mapped on own past it become pearl in eyes of some and shit in eyes if others.

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    Thu, 29. March , 2012

    Pearls for Pigs – to the point!


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