Not enough space

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Dear friend,
This time I am writing you from small village in north of Slovakia. Before we went to this trip I had wonderful plan to take all my strobes, tripods and umbrellas. My intention was to take images of our folks living here. One of the reasons was that some of them approaching100 years and maybe they will not with us much longer.

At the end, I am here just with three lenses and camera without any strobist equipment. You may ask why. Well reason is rather stupid. After we prepare all our stuff fir this family trip and after I start placing it all in trunk of a car, it become very soon clear that we need to left some things out.

So all and all not really any special portraits. On other hand we made very nice trips in beautiful mountains of Slovakia.

Maybe in winter I’ll succeed with my small portrait project.


  1. Dirk
    Sat, 14. August , 2010

    I know how you feel. 10×8 camera, need I say more? :) In my experience it is difficult to mix family trips and photography, not just in terms of luggage but also time and attention.

    • Richard Vanek
      Wed, 25. February , 2015

      Answering you five years later ;-) Yes you absolutely right. Best is to have dedicated time and have focus.


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